August 19, 2017

Kids won't listen?
Feeling unappreciated?

We are parents and know raising kids is hard work. And it's only getting harder with the kids glued to their cell phones.

We figured out how to turn the tables, and to use those same cell phones and tablets to help manage the kids - to get them to listen to you, appreciate what you do for them, and to get them to start helping out. The result? Less stress for the parents, and kids that are learning life skills.

Parenting isn't easy, so please don't expect a list of "10 things to fix your family". Instead, we have broken down the challenge into many Family Life Skills, and for each one we provide a set of approaches that work for us.

What are Bots?

The secret to Mobido is using a chat app to communicate with your kids, and Bots to help manage the conversations.

Bots are digital assistants you invite into conversations to help you out. Our SunriseBot helps your kids do chores in the morning, and our PayBot tracks allowance.

All About Bots

All About Bots

How do I use a Mobido bot?

January 10, 2017 0

Before we talk about using bots, let’s talk about solving problems. In the “old world”, where it was just humans and no Internet, when we wanted to solve a problem we would gather some people […]

All About Bots

What is a Bot?

January 10, 2017 0

Bots were the Hot New Thing for 2016. Facebook introduced them at their developer conference and the already steep hype curve inflected even further up. ¬†So what is all the excitement about? The industry is […]

All About Bots

Introducing the SunriseBot

January 8, 2017 3

Mobido¬†took the general purpose ChecklistBot, and tuned it up for use in the mornings. This bot helps get your kids out the door with a minimal of fuss. We usually pair this bot with the […]